First emergency call came hours before crush

First emergency call came hours before crush

The first call to police from Itaewon came at 18:34 local time - several hours before the deadly crush took place.

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The caller to South Korea"s 112 emergency number said they were on the main street to Itaewon and an alley next to the Hamilton hotel was becoming dangerously crowded.

"That alley is really dangerous right now people going up and down, so people can"t come down, but people keep coming up, it"s gonna be crushed. I barely made it to get out but it"s too crowded. I think you should control it," the caller said.

The police officer asked if the caller meant that people weren"t flowing well, that "they get crushed and fall, and then there"s going to be a big accident?"

Yes, the caller responded - "this is so chilling right now".

That was the first of at least 10 calls to police in the capital Seoul over the next three hours on Saturday. But that night, local residents say, the police presence was wholly inadequate.

Mounting evidence, experts and a series of official apologies point to glaring failures. Local officials and police were simply not prepared for the crowds that had gathered, and struggled to manage them once they were there.

Earlier on Tuesday South Korea"s police chief said their emergency response was "inadequate" - the first acknowledgement from officials that they did not do enough to prevent it.

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