Having said that, we are afraid that only Thailand is one of the top countries in the world, but there are still many things that Thailand lags behind other countries as well. These stories are not a problem that we It will overcome obstacles and advance our country, but what is problematic is the quality support from people who see the interests of the country as a whole rather than the interests of their own agencies to drive it. People or those personnel to be successful and bring the greatest benefit to their own country, but nowadays the talent is blocked by organizations that seek to gain advantage in their own groups. As a result, things will change that has stopped unfortunately, and most importantly, corruption in Thailand is regarded as one of the world"s top, even if we are in our country, we have a group of people. How many qualifications and abilities, but when they are at a disadvantage when these people are exploited by exploitation, that ability will eventually be wasted.

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