In the case of a Laotian woman applying for a job at a Khao Man Kai restaurant, she said that she was forced by the owner of the Chicken Rice Shop. Recently, the perpetrator of the crime had met with the space police like this to deny it. By saying that the woman came to meet and agreed to take a nap, believing that the woman went toเกมมือถือ/brand/pg file a complaint because she was not satisfied that the payment was not made in accordance with the schedule or that it was agreed upon from the case There was a woman from Laos, 18 years old, went to school with Sai Mai district, had to wait to tell her that she would apply for a job and go to work at a chicken rice shop in Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, but when she met the owner of the shop, she was used with a knife. Forced rape and blackmail was also filmed with the property seized before the victim told the victim to use a cell phone and texted for help until the police came to help after. In the news, there is a monk who has a young woman to report this. It appears that late yesterday, Mr. Panya or Kwan Ya, 34 years old, the owner of a chicken rice shop, came to see the police investigation officer. Bang Bua Thong has already given testimony on the alleged story. Bang Ya told me this. He would like to clarify after agreeing to accept a young woman to work in a chicken rice restaurant.

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