Let"s see the incident in Chaiyaphum Province, the audience. The police went to grab the killer and stuff the sack of a 47-year-old woman who had met, leaving him hidden in the middle of a sugarcane plantation in the case of finding the body of Nang Ruenthong. Duanthong Ko Merit, 47 years old, when he found this, it was in the condition of being killed, stuffed with a sack of fertilizer and disposed of in the middle of aเกมมือถือ/brand/joker sugarcane field between Ban Nong Hai Tai and Ban Na Thung Yai in Nong Bua Daeng District, Chaiyaphum Province yesterday afternoon. Yes, the culprit put 2 sacks on his head and feet to converge in the middle and tie them with a black rubber band. When he met, he found a motorcycle parked nearby with his 14-year-old daughter. Confirmation year says this is her mother who has been missing for 15 days. Mother likes to go out to gamble and there are men courting her here, which causes the police to pursue until she finally finds herself, police station. Nong Bua Daeng went to the group in Urai Klang Thong, 54 years old, came to investigate, was the last person who was with the deceased and was the person who was involved with the deceased, arrested at the house with 1 Thai-made firearm, Mr. Urai confessed. Yes, that"s the real cause today.

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