Shopify offers workers greater say in compensation structure to attract talent

Shopify offers workers greater say in compensation structure to attract talent

Shopify said on Friday (Sep 16) it has introduced a new compensation system that allows staff more flexibility in restructuring their awards between cash and equity, as the e-commerce major seeks to attract and retain workers.

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As many as 91 per cent of the eligible employees have already enrolled in the new system, Flex Comp, the company said.

"An employee saving to buy a house can choose to take home more in cash. Someone planning for their children"s future can opt for more RSUs or options," Shopify Chief Human Resources Officer Tia Silas said in an interview.

The share vesting will begin immediately as one-year cliffs on equity have been removed, Silas added.

The company, which offers tools and payment systems for merchants to set up their online stores, last week named investment banker Jeff Hoffmeister as its financial head to help it navigate a challenging environment with several headwinds including high inflation and lower demand.

The Canadian company has said in the past it would cut about a 10th of its workforce and review its operations to slash spending given a challenging environment, with cost-conscious consumers cutting back on online purchases.

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