Princes Street Gardens events banned in Edinburgh over rockfall fears

Princes Street Gardens events banned in Edinburgh over rockfall fears

Several large events have been banned in Edinburgh"s Princes Street Gardens until an issue of rockfall from the castle is fixed.

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A major access route into the park has been closed since 2019 due to the threat of falling rocks.

Large trucks carrying staging and lighting equipment had been using an alternative route through a graveyard.

However, council officials now say the heavy vehicles are taking their toll on the graveyard.

It means events such as the annual Edinburgh Summer Seasons series of gigs and the Fly Open Air electronica festival are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Council officials have said they will now only permit four large events a year to use vehicles along the alternative route, including Hogmanay and the closing or opening night of the International Festival in the summer.

Historic Environment Scotland, which manages Edinburgh Castle rock, has also had the popular city walking route, the Radical Road, closed due to health and safety fears over the risk of rockfall since 2018.

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